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Enquiries, Quotations & Advice

We have a target time of providing a quotation or response to an enquiry within 48 hours of receipt. a log is kept of enquiries and responses and we achieve our target 98% of the time.

The more information you give us the quicker and more accurate is the response

The most competitive price can be given if we are provided with the following information.

  • A drawing indicating the area requiring hardening

  • A copy of any treatment specification detailed on or related to the drawing

  • The material to be used for manufacture

  • The hardness level required

  • The depth of hardening required

  • The number of components to be hardened in each batch

If the above cannot be provided an accurate description may enable us to quote realistically. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require assistance

Please be aware there is a minimum "Setup" charge of £95

Transport will need to be arranged by yourself, we no longer offer this service

For Quotations and Enquiries, please email all drawings, hardness requirement, material and treatment required along with your enquiry to

Due to high demand for our service, average turnaround is currently a minimum of 10 working days, we do NOT accept premiums for a quicker turn around time.

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